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Get To Know Tim

Tim Timberlake serves as the Senior Pastor of Celebration Church. He’s a graduate of the Pistis School of Ministry in Detroit, Michigan. Pastor Tim is a gifted communicator and teacher who has the ability to communicate to people from all walks of life. His sense of humor, combined with his in-depth Bible teaching, gives the listener and reader the tools to transform their lives from the inside out. He takes pleasure in the small things, is an avid sports fan, and a popular thought leader. 


Pastor Tim lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Jen and son Maxwell. The Timberlake’s feel most alive when they are pouring back into others, and they seek to glorify God through their lives and family.


Celebration church

Pastor Tim serves as the Senior Pastor at Celebration Church. Celebration is a global house comprised of many rooms around the world, with headquarters residing in Jacksonville, FL. The church’s heart is to prioritize Jesus’ mission to spread the gospel.

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