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Tim Timberlake


Tim Timberlake has a heart for God’s people and equipping them with the tools to transform their lives from the inside out. He feels most alive when he’s pouring back into others, and he seeks to glorify God through his life and family.

You can catch Tim Timberlake on the Daystar Network every Monday’s at 6PM EST and Saturday’s at 3:30AM EST and on-demand throughout the week.

Celebration Church

Pastor Tim is the Senior Pastor of Celebration Church, and has a heart for equipping others to chase after God and His will for their life through his inspiring messages each week.

You can catch Celebration’s live broadcast every Sunday morning at 9:00am EST, and on-demand after.


The Art of Overcoming

The Art of Overcoming explores how we deal with loss, grief, and hurt, and challenges readers to keep what looks like endings from discouraging or derailing us. The pain we experience is real—but there’s a difference between acknowledging it and giving into it. Rather than seeking a fake hope that pretends loss doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter, author and pastor Tim Timberlake encourages us to pursue hope rooted in God and gives this reminder: don’t quit! The process of overcoming is not about understanding everything or living without pain, but about finding healthy ways to process the scary, strange, and sometimes devastating circumstances we face. The Art of Overcoming is divided into four parts, using the imagery of a traditional funeral ceremony as a framework to process the “death experiences” we face regularly in this crazy journey called life:

  • A Matter of Life and Death explores five foundational perspectives about grief and loss.
  • The Processional encourages us to face head-on the reality of our experiences.
  • The Eulogy helps us memorialize and honor what has been lost and how to process grief in a healthy way.
  • The Recessional is about closure as we discover life after death and move forward.


No matter what you’ve gone through or are in the middle of right now, better days are ahead. Let God heal your heart in His timing, take time to grieve what needs to be grieved, and then celebrate the new life God lays out before you.